Released in January of 2012, Floodlight has been embraced by developers building commercial applications who want full control of what to open source and what to retain as their own IP. The Floodlight controller and Big Network Controller from Big Switch Networks use the same core engine.


Companies and organizations that have downloaded the Floodlight controller APIs include: Arista, Brocade, Citrix, Dell, Extreme Networks, Fujitsu, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks and Microsoft among others.


See what members of the Project Floodlight community have to say about Open SDN.



“Ubuntu is the most popular platform for OpenStack because of its ability to integrate cutting edge technologies. Our enterprise and carrier customers are already demanding advanced networking solutions based on open standards, so we are supportive of Big Switch’s commitment to Open SDN and Project Floodlight, as they provide our customers the flexibility needed to build dynamic cloud infrastructure while simplifying network operations.”



SRI International

SRI International is a research and innovation center, is developing security enhancements to the Floodlight controller for use in sensitive computing environments.

“When selecting an Open Flow Controller to target for our security extension, SRI researchers needed one that was well-engineered and broadly available. Working with Big Switch, we are now building the tools that will allow network operators to create more secure Open Flow networks,” said Phil Porras, program director in the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International.



Caltech / CERN

“Open Source is very important to Caltech, and research in general. As a research organization, we spend a lot of time writing innovative code, so best-of-breed open source projects upon which to base our work on help us focus on the project-specific aspects, as well as foster collaboration with academic and industry partners.

Caltech selected the Floodlight open source controller as the basis for work we are doing for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The LHC community distributes and processes 100’s of Petabytes, and growing, of data worldwide every year, which requires a state-of-the-art approach to networking. SDN looks very promising here.

We chose Floodlight because it is represented by the largest open source community, and has a modular architecture that makes it straightforward to customize. At the same time, having Big Switch Networks behind Floodlight gives us confidence in the future of the open source project, support and a partner to address issues and work with on a technical level.”




Radware’s SDN solutions allow software-defined networks to easily provision and automate scalable L4-L7 applications such as ADC and security solutions as wide network services.  We are part of and strongly support the open source communities, including Project Floodlight, that allow customers to fully utilize innovative network and application technologies,” said Avi Chesla, Radware CTO. “We chose the Floodlight open source controller to work with our ADC and Security SDN application to transform the network from a simple forwarding and routing entity into a smart, application aware, routing layer. Open standard initiatives are extremely important to provide customers democratization in choosing the most relevant applications for their business needs.”




“Firemon is a strong supporter of open source and open standards in software-defined networks.  We have been working with Floodlight to demonstrate how security and risk analysis can be tightly integrated into an open SDN,” said F. Ward Holloway III, Vice President, Business Development.




“Thanks to the large and growing community around Floodlight as well as its support by Big Switch Networks, we have selected it as the baseline controller for demonstrating our own upcoming OpenFlow-based solutions,” said Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND. “Customers typically use our 6WINDGate™ networking software in conjunction with standards-based open-source platforms and will benefit from the synergy between Big Switch’s products and ours.”




“Project Floodlight and the Indigo2 OpenFlow framework helped Overture accelerate our development by offering robust, industry leading open source software,” said Overture Head of Advanced Development, Bob Lynch. “We applaud the efforts of Big Switch and the community supporting Floodlight and Indigo as they promote what has become the SDN industry’s reference.”