OpenStack Quantum

Floodlight can be run as network backend for OpenStack using a Quantum plug-in.  Quantum exposes a networking-as-a-service model via a REST API that Floodlight has implemented.  There are two main components to this solution: a Virtual Switch applications (formerly known as VirtualNetworkFilter) in Floodlight (that implements the Quantum API) and the Quantum RestProxy plugin that connects Floodlight to Quantum.


Connect Floodlight to OpenStack is a two-step process:


  1. Run the REST Proxy Plug-in on the Quantum server. The RestProxy plugin was designed to run as part of OpenStack’s Quantum service.   If you are unfamiliar with Quantum, it is recommended you read the wiki and Administrator’s Guide to understand how to install and configure the plugin.
  2. Enable the Virtual Switch (aka Virtual Network Filter) in Floodlight. This is the module that implements MAC-based layer 2 network isolation in OpenFlow networks and exposed via a REST API.  This module is included in Floodlight by default and does not depend on Quantum or OpenStack to be running.  The Virtual Switch can be activated via a configuration file change.


Documentation for configuring OpenStack Plug-in