Indigo is an open source project aimed at enabling support for OpenFlow on physical and hypervisor switches.  Big Switch has helped numerous companies OpenFlow enable their equipment, and we provide firmware for a number of popular switches.


Indigo is the basis of Switch Light by Big Switch Networks. It is composed of the following components:


Indigo Agent

The Indigo agent represents the core libraries and include

  • a HAL abstraction layer to make it easy to integrate with the forwarding and port management interfaces of physical- or virtual- switches
  • a configuration abstraction layer to support running OpenFlow in a “hybrid” mode on your switch


LoxiGen is a compiler that generates OpenFlow marshalling/un-marshalling libraries in multiple languages. Currently it supports C (called “loci”), but Java and Python are in development.

Indigo Agent

Licensing Policy

The Indigo Agent and LoxiGen are licensed under the Eclipse Public License version 1. The LoxiGen compiler license contains an exception giving the user permission to license the generated code under any license that they choose, provided they maintain the same copyright headers contained in LoxiGen.

For Open Source Projects

If you are developing and distributing open source applications under the EPLv1 License, then you are free to use Indigo under the EPLv1 License.

For Commercial OEMs AND ODMs

For OEMs and ODMs who distribute Indigo with their products, and do not license and distribute their source code under the EPLv1, Big Switch Networks provides a flexible commercial license.

In addition, if you are a company with an existing relationship with Broadcom, who wishes to license our Broadcom forwarding driver, please contact us.



Built with Indigo

Switch Light by Big Switch Networks

Switch Light by Big Switch Networks is the worlds first open source, thin switching platform based on open standards. Switch Light is available for both physical switching platforms and virtual switches. More Info.

Indigo Virtual Switch (IVS)

IVS is a production quality open source virtual switch for Linux compatible with the KVM hypervisor and leveraging the OVS-kernel module for packet forwarding. The IVS project is distributed by Big Switch under the commercial name Switch Light for Linux.


Get Indigo and LoxiGen

Indigo Agent code and documentation can be found on GitHub here.
LoxiGen code and documentation can be found on GitHub here.