FloodlightFloodlight Is an Open SDN Controller

Why Use Floodlight?

  • OpenFlow – works with physical- and virtual- switches that speak the OpenFlow protocol
  • Apache-licensed – lets you use Floodlight for almost any purpose
  • Open community – Floodlight is developed by an open community of developers. We welcome code contributions from active participants and we’ll openly share information on project status, roadmap, bugs, etc.
  • Easy to Use- Floodlight is drop dead simple to build and run. Read through the Documentation (link)
  • Tested and Supported – Floodlight is actively tested and improved by a community of professional developers at floodlight@groups.io.

3-tier architecture

The Floodlight Open SDN Controller is an enterprise-class, Apache-licensed, Java-based OpenFlow Controller. It is supported by a community of developers including a number of engineers from Big Switch Networks.

OpenFlow is a open standard managed by Open Networking Foundation.  It specifies a protocol through switch a remote controller can modify the behavior of networking devices through a well-defined “forwarding instruction set”.  Floodlight is designed to work with the growing number of switches, routers, virtual switches, and access points that support the OpenFlow standard.

Feature Highlights

  • Offers a module loading system that make it simple to extend and enhance.
  • Easy to set up with minimal dependencies
  • Supports a broad range of virtual- and physical- OpenFlow switches
  • Can handle mixed OpenFlow and non-OpenFlow networks – it can manage multiple “islands” of OpenFlow hardware switches
  • Designed to be high-performance – is multithreaded from the ground up
  • Support for OpenStack (link) cloud orchestration platform

Download Floodlight Here