Floodlight Source Code

For Developers

Floodlight source is available to developers as a zip or tar package. For more user documentation, please refer to the Installation Guide. The source code repository is available on GitHub.

SourceRelease Notes
Nightly   .zipN/A
Version 1.2.gz, .zip1.2 Release Notes
Version 1.1.gz, .zip1.1 Release Notes
Version 1.0.gz, .zip1.0 Release Notes
Version 0.91.gz, .zip0.91 Release Notes
Version 0.90.gz, .zip0.90 Release Notes
Version 0.85.gz, .zip0.85 Release Notes

Floodlight VM Appliance

For Users

The easiest way to get started with Floodlight is to download the Virtual Machine. We have tested this VM with VirtualBox* or VMWare Fusion.





Get VM Appliance