Demo: OpenFlow enabled network card

Contributed by Eli Karpilovski, Senior Manager, Cloud @ Mellanox (

I’m excited to showcase the results of a demo we put together leveraging the Floodlight controller and our new OpenFlow-enabled NIC. This particular demo enables extraction of network information to detect and protect against security threats in real-time for a more resilient and cost-effective mobile network.

The demo uses the following technologies:

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  • Radware Application Delivery and Attack Mitigation Security
  • Mellanox 10G and 40G embedded virtual switch (eSwitch) NIC
  • Floodlight SDN controller

Combining these technologies illustrates an innovative ability to extract network and application information that can be translated and leveraged to a scalable solution for detection of various security threats, in real-time.

With these low-latency NICs, customers can deploy an embedded virtual switch (eSwitch) to run VM traffic with bare-metal performance, provide hardened security and QoS, all managed with Floodlight OpenFlow APIs. The hardware-based security and isolation features in the Mellanox cards can enable wider adoption of multi-tenant clouds while maintaining SLAs. And, utilizing SR-IOV to bypass the Hypervisor achieves higher VM utilization per node when virtualizing network functions in private cloud deployments.


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