Floodlight Update

My colleague Mike Cohen has done an amazing job growing and evangelizing Floodlight since  launch earlier this year. I wanted to relay some of the notable facts are:

  • Over 6,000 downloads since January 2012
  • A Google search on “floodlight” returns this project as the first natural result
  • Downloaded by IBM, Arista Networks, Brocade, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Juniper Networks, Citrix and Microsoft.

To continue Floodlight’s meteoric growth, we will be spending the next few months focusing on tools and processes to promote quality and collaboration:

Testing Framework

The goal here is to target 100% automated test coverage of the project by releasing a good test execution framework and set of automated tests.  This is so that when you add a change you can be sure that your new code didn’t break existing functionality, and fix any problems before you submit a pull request to get your changes in. Of course this means that you as a developer will also need to check in a test with your changes.

Better transparency

In what features are proposed, features being worked on, and the scope of the next few releases (roadmap). As someone with a background in delivering large scale projects on time and budget, I know how important it is to have visibility into what’s working and what’s coming. This is so that potential developers know where they are needed most

Coding style and standards

Obviously important that we can set up guidelines for implementation so that the code base can grow in a way that is well understood and sane.

And much more to come!

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