Erlang Solutions and InfoBlox Release an OpenFlow 1.2 Switch

Kudos to the folks at Erland Solutions and InfoBlox.  Today, they released an OpenFlow 1.2 compliant switch, code-named LINC, which as you might have guessed is written in Erlang.  The switch is offered under a the commercially friendly Apache 2.0 just like the Floodlight OpenFlow controller.  Erlang Solutions plans to offer professional services around the LINC switch and OpenFlow in general, including set-up, configuration, support and testing.

LINC is available at Check out the video of it in action.

As a member of the Floodlight team, I’m really excited to see future versions of OpenFlow begin appear in switch designs and we are also hard at work in bringing Floodlight (which currently supports OpenFlow 1.0) up to speed with these designs as well.

– Mike Cohen

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