Mirage offers an OCaml-based OpenFlow implementation

The Mirage team are very pleased to announce a new experimental OpenFlow implementation in 100% OCaml. Designed as part of the Mirage platform, this release provides both controller and switch support as libraries.

Mirage is a cloud programming platform that lets you build your OCaml application as a POSIX binary, a node.js module or a self-contained, single-purpose Xen virtual machines. The controller implementation means your application can directly control the network, acting as a full OpenFlow controller. The switch provides a software OpenFlow switch implementation, an ideal basis for experimentation and extension. Both switch and controller are high-performance, comparable with Open vSwitch and NOX respectively. For more details, see http://openmirage.org/blog/announcing-mirage-openflow and let us know what you make of it!


Richard Mortier

Mirage Operating System

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