Free t-shirts for Floodlight developers!

We’ve gotten our first stock of Floodlight t-shirts in and I’d love to share them with folks developing applications on top of Floodlight (they are really nice microfiber!).  As I’m sure you know, Floodlight is our Apache-licensed OpenFlow controller platform.
There are just a few guidelines:
  • The “application” is up to you but it must be more interesting than a simple hello world-style app.  Some of the work done on Trema apps ( is probably a good guide here.  Be creative and think about some interesting ways to use OpenFlow.  We will be liberal on this front but if you have a question or need ideas, just ask.  
  • The application must be open source.  We will include it in the Floodlight repository as a code example if its not hosted somewhere else already.
  • The application can either be in Java using Floodlight’s event handlers or written to use the static flow pusher REST API in any language you choose.
The submission process is simple — just email the Floodlight admin list ( and let us know what you’ve built (or are in the process of building).   We’ll take a look and send you a free t-shirt!

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