The Project Formerly Known As Beacon

You may notice that the Beacon space has an “under construction” look to it.  Due to changes in licensing and related distribution, the java/OSGI controller known as Beacon is going two places.  First, it will continue on under a GPLv2/FOSS license over at  The codebase will also continue on here at OpenFlowHub with a new name, a new look and some new contributions coming up from folks who have been working on the project over the last few months.  If you want to get involved, please don’t hesitate to hop on the forums.

While OpenFlowHub supports projects and licenses of all shapes and sizes, we’re also committed to allowing authors to post and remove their projects at any time.  Changes like this, particularly licensing-driven changes on a popular project, can be tough on everyone.  We’re working through it (when we’re not busy with our day jobs), but parts of the site related to Beacon may be under construction for a little while as we work through the migration.

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