What is Project Floodlight?

Project Floodlight is the world’s leading open source software-defined networking (SDN) community. We are committed to open source, open standards, and open APIs. 


Join our global network of contributors to Open-Source Software for building Software Defined Networks.                                                            


Our projects enable you to build 100% open source SDN solutions. Projects are supported by developers all around the world, and Big Switch Networks.
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Introducing Indigo Virtual Switch (IVS)

Back in March, we announced the 2nd generation Indigo project. Indigo is an open source project aimed at enabling vendors to support OpenFlow on physical and hypervisor switches.  To date, Big Switch has helped numerous companies bring OpenFlow-enabled equipment to the marketplace, ushering in the new era of bare-metal switches.

ivs-diagram-1At Big Switch, our product strategy includes both commercial product releases, as well as an open source release to provide software for use in trial, development and academic environments. So today I’m happy to announce forward progress using the Indigo technology to create free and open source solutions for both physical and virtual switches.

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Introducing Project Floodlight

Contributed by Paul Lappas, Head of Open Source @ Big Switch Networks.

I’m incredibly happy to announce some really exciting things that are happening in open source at Big Switch Networks. Today we announced the launch of a commercial version of Indigo Agent, which is a fully deployable thin switching software platform called Switch Light, and a revamped open source site: ProjectFloodlight.org. In this posting I wanted to explain how we got here and why we are making these changes.


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Demo: OpenFlow enabled network card

Contributed by Eli Karpilovski, Senior Manager, Cloud @ Mellanox (elik@mellanox.com).

I’m excited to showcase the results of a demo we put together leveraging the Floodlight controller and our new OpenFlow-enabled NIC. This particular demo enables extraction of network information to detect and protect against security threats in real-time for a more resilient and cost-effective mobile network.

The demo uses the following technologies:

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  • Radware Application Delivery and Attack Mitigation Security
  • Mellanox 10G and 40G embedded virtual switch (eSwitch) NIC
  • Floodlight SDN controller

Combining these technologies illustrates an innovative ability to extract network and application information that can be translated and leveraged to a scalable solution for detection of various security threats, in real-time.

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Latest News

New Project Announcement

Indigo Virtual Switch is an open source OpenFlow implementation that runs on Linux and uses the Linux kernel forwarding module. It is based on the Indigo Framework, and LoxiGen, and implements all features of the OpenFlow standard.

Introducing our Revamped Site (formerly OpenFlowHub)

There’s some really exciting stuff happening in the Project Floodlight community, so we just gave the website a new look and feel to match. We hope you like it. Read more here.